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PVC external door



PVC External Door  

Door is a show-piece of a house determining its character and soul from the entrance. Rich palette of colours for profiles, nearly unlimited construction possibilities and selection of various fillings: from classics to ultramodern; all of these provide freedom in shaping a façade of your homes and highlighting your individuality. Moreover, one expects from doors the high level of security, noise insulation, and resistance to weather conditions. Reliability and elegance are what makes a door unique. Due to multi-chamber version, width 70-85 mm, and doorstep with thermo-isolating spacer the door provides excellent thermal insulation parameters. High stability of sashes by reinforcement of large cross-sections and welded corner connectors ensures proper static and durability parameters.

Low doorstep 20 mm high meets requirements for construction free from any architectural barriers and provides unproblematic going in and out. Special shape of doorstep foot enables connection with additional system profiles, e.g. extensions. Wide alu fins for water drainage

Profiles 70mm



Standard external door PCV


PVC Door Panels



Available colors for the profile: 


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